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Friday, May 20, 2011

May 2011: An Update on What God is Doing Here and There

Earlier in the Spring, the Christian non-profit that Titus worked for (Cambodian Generations for Christ) was forced to close due to financial reasons.  So, Titus was not only no longer employed, but found himself homeless as he could no longer call his CGC office his home. Without a job and and with his church unable to provide a salary or a parsonage, the situation seemed hopeless. However, our God is Father and Provider and He proved Faitful [as He always does.]  Shortly after Titus left CGC, he board aproved the proposal for Titus to rent a room at the old Wesleyan Church Headquarters in the capital city of Phnom Penh, where two or three other Wesleyan Church families are also living.  Living in the community of Pastor Poleak's family, Pastor Reaksmey's family, and others is a huge blessing.  Also, friends who work for other ministry organizations, such as World Relief, have been asking Titus to assist in various translation projects and God has been faithful to provide.

After much fasting, prayer, seeking God's face, and talking to each other and others, Titus and I have decided to journey to Cambodia through YWAM (Youth With a Mission.)  The decision to join YWAM was an easy one, because it is such a wonderful organization and their dream, beliefs, values, and ministry seem to align perfectly with ours [Click HERE and HERE to read more about our vision for future ministry.] However, the decision to take step two was a little more difficult.  To join the YWAM staff, Titus and I first need to complete a Discipleship Training School (DTS) . DTS is the pre-requisite to all other training and opportunities and is offered at over 200 locations around the world, including in Cambodia.  After more prayer, fasting, seeking God's face, weighing the pros and cons, and asking others for wise counsel, we have chosen to apply to a DTS in Louisville, Kentucky.  The DTS is a combination of three months of coursework and two months of overseas outreach, and will begin in Fall 2012.  [To read more about YWAM in Louisville click HERE.]  Louisville is the closest DTS to my family, friends, and church, and we believe there will be the best opportunity for Titus to learn American culture and to lay the foundation of our marriage. Also, because we will still be in the States, we can continue raising prayer and financial support.

Also also, various members of my mother's side of the family has been involved extensively in YWAM, and my second-cousin Amos and his wife Amy are on the leadership team of the DTS in Louisville. Although I do not know them well, I am excited to have the opportunity to be taught, led, and mentored by them because THEY ARE AWESOME!

On April 30th, I graduated with a dual degree in Intercultural Studies and International & Community Development from Indiana Wesleyan University.  I am fortunate to keep the part-time job that I have had since Aug 2007; however, because it is an on-campus position and I am no longer a current student, I can only remain in my current position until September 1.  So, I am on the job hunt and I have already completed 31 applications.  It has been somewhat discouraging, but I trust that God has a plan and already has a job chosen for me - maybe I have not found or applied to it yet!

  • Please continue praying for the visa process. With the recent increase in the level of national security (due to Osama's killing), the projected approval has been delayed ONE MONTH. :( When we applied in January, we were told the entire process could take 7-9 months, meaning that Titus could be approved between August and October. Our wedding is planned for October 29. Let's pray him to America!! (If you would like a prayer reminder card like the one on the left, let me know and I will quickly send one to you!!)
  • Please also continue to pray for the ministry in Cambodia.  There are currently some transitions in the leadership and relationship between Global Partners (The Wesleyan Missions Agency that brought the Wesleyan Church to Cambodia) and the leaders of the Church in Cambodia.  Pray for God's grace, strength, and wisdom. Pray that God's Name will be glorified and that His Kingdom will prosper and not be hindered by the weakness of Man.
As always, thank you thank you THANK YOU for reading, for supporting, for praying, for loving, and for giving.  The knowledge that you are simply behind us gives me confidence to pursue God's will and the visions that He has given to us.

Love love love, Jewel