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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

She's making me homesick...

My new friend Megan (more on her SOON!) just returned from her first trip to Cambodia and looking at her 294 pictures on Facebook made me so homesick for Cambodia!  Here are a few that made me the most homesick:

A beautiful Bible school

The view of from from inside a tuk tuk; and a tuk tuk

Just sitting outside, waiting for another customer

Roasted pig, anyone??

So many memories made just like this one!

Warm and happy people

The simple life!

Roll out the mats, and it's a bed; roll up the mats, and it's a sitting-area AND a table!

Did I ever think this would be my life??

The country-side


Cows living under a stilt home

We cannot cannot CANNOT wait to visit in January!!

Serving Him,
Titus & Jewel