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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Flower Magnets

I have begun a new fundraising venture to raise money for our savings for ministry in Cambodia.  What I love about fundraisers like this is that it allows people like friends-of-friends to give and support our ministry, even with just a one-time gift!

These are handmade-by-me artificial flower magnets.  The magnets are strong and the flowers are durable.  They are only $4 each and the profit is close to 100%.  Some designs can be duplicated and, depending on the success of this fundraiser, more may be to come.  I can also do pre-orders.

Please contact me via e-mail (jewelincambodia at yahoo dot com) with orders/questions, or leave your e-mail in the comments section of this post and I will contact you.  You can also visit my online Etsy store at or by clicking the banner below:

Note: On Etsy, flowers are listed as $5.75 + $0.99 shipping. For the $4 deal, you can e-mail me your orders and mail me a check.

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