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Friday, November 9, 2012

Romdenhs' November Update

Friends, Family, and Faithful Supporters,
We have great news! Aldean got his visa!!!! Titus and I are praising the Lord for His gift of grace to Jessie & Aldean and we trust that He will be glorified in their testimonies! I remember very well the day that I received news from Titus that he passed the interview; and a week later, when the visa was stamped into his passport. Titus and I are especially happy for Jessie & Aldean because we know personally how relieving and overwhelming and GREAT that piece of news is! Aldean is scheduled to arrive in Indiana from the Philippines on November 17 and the wedding is two weeks later on December 1. We’re excited to meet the guy we’ve heard so much about, and anxious to see how a third culture blends into our family!

In other news, two days ago, Titus and I purchased round-trip tickets to Cambodia. We’ll be leaving a few days after Christmas and staying for three weeks. Our primary ministry will be an encouragement to the pastors and the churches, which have experienced some hard transitions and challenges since Titus’ departure in October 2011. Our plans include coordinating a pastors and wives’ retreat - a time to get away, to get together, and to rejuvenate their bodies while rekindling their passions [at the beach!] We are almost half-way to our goal of raising $1,600, which will allow 30 pastor’s families to attend at no cost to them.

On October 29th, we celebrated our one-year-anniversary. On the 26th, Titus and I flew to Baltimore, Maryland to spend 5 days with friends. As you know, Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast on October 29th. Although our friends’ home retained power and had no significant damage, the whole experience will be a long-lasting first anniversary memory! The wind was unlike anything that I have ever heard or felt before and we are very grateful for the protection over our friends’ home!! We had lots of fun before the storm hit! On Friday, we enjoyed exploring Baltimore City and visiting the National Aquarium. On Saturday, we explored Washington D.C. I really enjoyed getting to know the Long family and it was so good for Titus to be able to spend time with a friend from Cambodia! How we value and cherish our relationships with friends who understand cross-cultural marriage!

 As always, thank you. Thank you for reading, for supporting, for praying, for loving, and for giving. The knowledge that you are simply behind us gives us confidence to pursue God’s will and the visions that He has given us.

Serving Him,
Jewel & Titus

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