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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Engagement Pictures

I arrived home from Cambodia on Thursday afternoon and jet lag has been kicking my butt since, so I don't have a post full of funny stories or insight from my trip, but I will post our official Cambodian engagement pictures. Another day soon, there will be much more...

Picture FAQs:
Did you get married? Why are you wearing a white dress?
No, we did not get married; the white is cultural.

Is the color purple significant?
We picked purple because it's my favorite color.

Is that your real hair?
All the curls behind my head is a bun, not my own hair.

Is that your dress?
All the clothing and accessories were provided by the shop where we had our pictures taken.

Was it expensive?
No; it was really cheap. The entire session cost $22 I think, and we printed pictures at normal print cost (something like $.15/picture). For $25, we also printed and framed a poster-sized picture #2.

Is he taller than you?
No, he isn't.

What are you holding in the first picture?
It's a chain - simply an accessory.

What are you holding in the second picture?
It's not an urn, it's a pot that is used during wedding ceremonies.

Where were your pictures taken?
In a simple shop; the background was a green screen.

How long did it take?
Hair, make-up, and getting dressed took between 2 and 2.5 hours; taking the pictures took about 3 minutes. The photographer only shot 8 pictures.

Love love love, Jewel


  1. I laughed at the last question thinking that is like my Thanksgiving dinner....3+ hours to prepare, 5 minutes to eat! :)

    The pictures are gorgeous and I have enjoyed following along. some time you need to post your you met, etc. I also have not seen a wedding there one? will it be here or there?

  2. Well I scrounged around here and found these pics. Gorgeous! When is the wedding and where will it be? One in the states and one in Cambodia, perhaps?

  3. Yes, Phnom Penh and it's Coleen Briggs. She is on facebook. Perhaps you will see her in Cambodia someday. She is wonderful.