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Friday, January 7, 2011

Life Otherwise

Since leaving Siem Reap, I have stayed between Vandy and Tess' house at the Bible College (WBI), and with Greg and Resie inside the city.

On New Years Eve, I attended a Christmas party with all the staff and a few others at the WBI; there were almost 30 in attendance. The children played water relays, the men had potato sack races, and us women tried to blow up balloons without using our hands. We then gathered inside the mission house and had a wonderful service. Each family was presented by singing a song. Pastor Rotha and has family sang Happy Birthday to Jesus, Pastor Arun represented his family by singing Jingle Bells, Titus and I sang We Bring the Sacrifice of Praise (a popular offertory in Cambodia), etc. It's a fun tradition for some, and more embarassing for others. American missionaries, Tim and Tiffany Gallant, prepared pizza, spaghetti, and sugar cookies for dinner. Titus, Tess, and I then went to Pastor Greg and Resie's house, where we stayed up until 2am watching The Wedding Planner and My Best Friend's Wedding.

January 1st, there was a big board meeting for the Wesleyan Church of Cambodia; the meeting was at Pastor Greg and Resie's house, so Tess and I took Aleeyah and Esher (the Fernandez girls) to play in the play place at the mall until lunch.

On Sunday, I went with Titus by moto[rcycle] to his church in Kampong Spue one hour away. One hour on the moto was quite the experience for my backside, but I enjoyed seeing the countryside in a new way, and there is no one where that I would have rather been except behind Titus on the way to his church. We spent some time cleaning the church before we had lunch there. He took a nap in the sanctuary, and I jumped at the opportunity to help some of the villagers set up a new shop on the side of the road. They spoke no English whatsoever, so it was an interesting two hours.

Although there were only eight in attendance and I didn't understand anything, the service was beautiful. I love watching Titus interact with the members and hearing him preach. I balanced paying attention with reading my own Bible in English. I started at Genesis 2, and I was ministered to by the story of God creating Eve.

But for Adam no suitable helper was found... For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh. (Genesis 2:20b and 24)

And I'll pick up there later.

Thanks for reading! Thanks for your prayers!

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  1. MISS YOOOOU! I love love love love hearing your stories and cant wait to hear more! Love you