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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Anticipated Future Ministry [pt. 2]

Pastor Poleak, his wife, and twin boys: Peter & Paul

In addition to youth ministry [read HERE,] I want to work alongside the pastors and their families to establish some sustainable income generation projects. The Wesleyan Church in America recently withdrew all their financial support of the Wesleyan Church in Cambodia, leaving most of the pastors without an income. I do not know the reasoning for the Church to withdraw support, except an assumption that the Church in Cambodia is ready to stand on its own without outside support. Despite the very difficult situation of having no income, the 35 pastors are still very faithful to God and are encouraged nonetheless.

Pastor Arun and Pastora Chariya, with sons Ruben and Rodan

Even without their great responsibilities of time and energy to the church, economic opportunities are limited, especially in the country-side provinces. I want to use my training and education in International and Community Development to assist the pastors and their families in creating sustainable projects to generate an income to support their families without withdrawing from their support of the church. In the lush, country-side provinces, I hope to train the pastors to garden; fruits and vegetables can either be sold to purchase other necessities, or consumed by the family. Chickens can also be raised for their meat, and their eggs sold for profit. Other options are training the women to sew, or opening small stores for odds and ends.

Rev. Kung Kimsan and family

Many years from now, I would like to see a cafe established and operated by the pastors' wives and/or daughters. The cafe could target Westerners and offer cheesecake, blueberry muffins, chicken salad sandwiches, grilled cheese and etc. A corner of the cafe could highlight handmade goods - i.e. jewelry, journals, greeting cards, etc. - crafted by the pastors, their families, or church members. I know that is a big dream, but we'll see what God does!

Pastor Kimsua and family

Love love love, Jewel