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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Eastern Culture

I'm continually trying to learn more about Cambodia and the worldview of the Khmer (Cambodians). Here are some funny - but true - descriptions of the differences between the Western and Eastern cultures. I apologize for not giving due credit for these pictures; I saved them many months ago.


Handling Problems:

View of self:

Lining up:

Way of living:

In two visits, I have already seen at least a small glimpse of each of these characteristics in Cambodian culture. After only a few minutes on Cambodian soil, I experienced "lining up" in a crowd of mostly oriental men at the visa station. There was a long counter, with two crowds of people - one at each end. I remained waiting at the back of the cluster, until I finally realized that the only way to reach the front was to attach myself to the person in front of me, and although we were not in a succinct line, everyone in the group always knew who was next. I finally reached the counter, handed them $20 and my passport, then moved to the back of the next crowd. Then when my name was called, the sea of people parted and I continued forward.

I still have much to learn...

Love love love, Jewel


  1. All of those are very very true. It takes some adjusting, but you'll get the hang of it. As long as you stay open & flexible, ask questions and are calm - it won't be a problem!

  2. Thanks Leigh! I enjoy reading your blog. <3