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Sunday, October 24, 2010

I might forget the beggar...

During a 13-hour layover in Seoul, South Korea, I wrote this in my journal "I can't say that I went to Cambodia without fears or hesitations, but because I was obedient to follow God's call, He was faith and did incredible things while I was there. I sought God and I found Him. I saw God in Pastor Vandy, who, despite his own financial problems, shared his income with an ill church member. I met God in a Buddhist temple atop a mountain, as I gazed over His beautiful creation. I felt God as I joined seven students in Khmer worship, their hearts fully surrendered. I heard God speaking as Tess and I joined together in prayer and fasting." [June 13, 2009]

I could tell you many stories about the people I have met, about the places I have gone, about the things I have seen, about how I have lived there; but what is greater is what I have learned, how God has changed me, and worked in and through me. I might forget the beggar in Kampong Chhnang, but I won't forget what she [unintentionally] taught me - how she challenged me. I can't admit to you that I responded to her differently than others would, or that I "loved the least of these..." but I can tell you that I learned something great as I reflected on our moment in passing together.
What if I had stood, offered her my seat at the table, and bought her meal? Others might have thought I was crazy or went a little too far, but what would it have shown her about love for neighbor?

I am so anxious to return again in December, to enter into another phase of life there, and anxious to learn and experience new things, and see how God will work in and through me. Thank you for supporting me as I follow His call to Cambodia.

Love love love, Jewel

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