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Monday, December 20, 2010


I leave in less than twenty-four hours for Cambodia. In twelve hours, I will be leaving my house for the airport. At 1:36 tomorrow afternoon, I will be boarding my first plane from Indianapolis to Cleveland. From Cleveland, I will fly to Los Angeles. After sixteen hours and thirty minutes, I will land in China, where I will board a plane to Cambodia six hours later.

How excited am I on a scale of one to ten? At least an eleven. I am so so so excited that I won't even know what to do first once I'm outside the airport. There are dear dear people in Cambodia that I love very much and I haven't seen them in eighteen months. So much has happened, and I have hated to miss it - rejoicing and mourning.

But soon, I'll be there. I know this trip is going to change my life. This trip is also going to change other peoples' lives too - both in Cambodia and Stateside. It really is amazing what God has been doing, and my prayer is that He will receive the glory for all that happens. I serve an amazing God, and it has been an incredible opportunity to travel the world and to worship Him in among many tribes, tongues, and nations.

Thank you Jesus for being born in the manger, dying on the cross, and bringing joy to the whole world. Thank you for calling me to serve you in Cambodia.

Love love love, Jewel


  1. praying for you!!!!! can't wait to hear all about it!!!

    you are LOVED!!!! <3

  2. praying for you as you travel and for your time in Cambodia!!!!