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Monday, December 6, 2010


Please keep the ministry in the Kratie Province in your prayers. The ministry flourished during the time that Pastor Vandy, Pastor Titus, and Tess were there, and struggled shortly following their transfers to Phnom Penh; in fact, the church and school were both closed [due to a reason other than their transfers] for some time. Pastor Piseth is currently ministering there, and I am sure that God is doing great things in and through Piseth.
God's work in Kratie drew me to return to Cambodia a second time, and it was there in Kratie that my passion became firmly rooted in youth ministry. Because of it's relations with the School of Hope, which shares a property with the church, the congregation has mainly youth and students; however, you will notice two older women in the back right - some parents also attend:

Faithful church members

The Way to Life Wesleyan Church and The School of Hope
(A World Hope International school offering courses in English and computer)

Tess, on the far right, was my host for almost three weeks in Kratie. She came to Cambodia as a Filipina missionary and was teaching English at the WHI school when she met Vandy, who was pastoring The Way to Life. Two years later, Vandy and Tess were married. They are like family to me.
Pagna was my first friend in Kratie. He and his girlfriend, Nary, are two of my closest friends. They are both currently studying in the university of Kampong Cham to become teachers - Pagna for English, and Nary for elementary.

Pastor Vandy, Ura, Pastor Titus, and Rado
(The Tico is a popular Korean car in Cambodia that can be purchased for $2000 to $3000 - less than some motorbikes.)

Dona and Chanta at Kampi - a natural resort along the Mekong River

Church members sharing a meal in the church

Ratana presiding in worship
(Ratana is a name derived from "Ratna" which means precious stone; Jewel also means precious stone, so Ratana and I have a special bond!)

Love love love, Jewel

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