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Monday, November 15, 2010

Teaching English

If I spent my entire life teaching English, I would be happy. I enjoy it so much. My students across Cambodia and in Mozambique have always been so eager to learn.

I am by no means well-trained in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages,) but I am well-experienced and I have found a variety of techniques that are very fun and effective! Last summer I collected a large variety of small toys that I used to teach colors, animals, foods, etc. My bff Loren made awesome alphabet cards and my students really enjoyed moving around to arrange themselves in order, and especially enjoyed the foam alphabet puzzles that I found at the Dollar Store.

I equally enjoy especially enjoy teaching the more advanced students. I have taught a variety of grammar concepts, and vocabulary. I have even used children's stories and other stories to practice comprehension. Stories are also a good way to introduce Scripture and Biblical teaching. When I read stories with my students at the World Hope school in Kratie last summer, one student always asked: "What does this teach us about how to behave?" and that would lead into Biblical teaching.

Anything that you would learn in Spanish or French or German class, we employ in TESOL. When I have available free time, I Google ideas, techniques, and resources. I enjoy teaching English very much, and it really is an effective ministry opportunity because relationships can be built easily in the classroom, especially when students are so eager to learn. In fact, many churches and ministry centers are planted in Cambodia (and in other countries) through establishing English classes, which is why the WBI and Bible College of Xai Xai require students to study English.

Love love love, Jewel

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